VOC & H2 Gas Sensor
ISO 17025 - Calibration Free

VOC-H2-TEMP sensor

The industry's first calibration free hydrogen sensor

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key sensor features
InfraSensing's voc and h2 gas sensor is a calibration free, plug and play sensor to detect off-gas and temperature events. Available as a standard or daisy chained sensor.

no pc required for the ServersCheck to operate once configured - based on revolutionary spectrometer analysis
- measures VOC levels between a 0-500 VOC index
- measures H2 levels between 0-100% LEL
- measures temperatures -10C to +60C
- measures humidity 0-95%rh
- a resolution of 0.1°C and 0.1% rH
- with a ±0.8°C accuracy from 15°C-35°
- with a ±5% LEL accuracy from 0-100%
- with a ±6%rH accuracy from 15°C-35°

- available as a standard sensor
- or daisy chained (up to 16 sensors per daisy chain)

- ISO 17025 temperature sensor calibration
- UL 61010 pending
- NFPA 72 for H2 detection

- 10+ year life span in normal conditions

- compact plug & play sensor.
- designed for indoor use.
- steel enclosure for non-power sensors. custom color options available.
- industrial grade.
- 0u rack, DIN rail, magnetic or wall mountable sensor.
- plugs into the base unit.
- powered by the base unit.
- alerts via SNMP Traps, email or SMS.
- wired or optionally wireless.
- integrates via Modbus TCP, SNMP.

- optional MQTT integration - requires a different firmware of the BASE-WIRED.
- Modbus RTU RS-485 hardware versions available for specific sensors enabling direct integration with your own gateway & controllers.
- for other sensors, integrates over RS-485 is available using the optional Modbus RTU module.

- Gas and Thermal Imaging sensors require the optional BASE-FW-SSLS firmware addon to operate.